“The Strength of the Pack”

Coach GuldenOur Bucknell Cross Country team had a saying that guided us:

“The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

I was thinking about my Coach this past weekend and how he had influenced my life. Running 100 mile weeks embedded the idea of consistent work over a period of time makes you better and better is certainly something we live by here at RunSignUp.

But the idea of working together as a team is probably the reason why RunSignUp is having so much growth and success today.  On our own, we are a strong wolf. But to really do something useful takes a team.

1978 ECC Team ChampionshipWe truly view ourselves in partnership with the race directors and timers who use us, as well as the many other technology providers. The feedback and collaboration we have with races guides us in the right direction and motivates us to keep moving forward in the right direction. Partners like Race Director and RunScore make a whole solution for our customers.

The picture at the right is from the East Coast Conference Championships in 1978 when 4 of us tied for first place – running as a Team. At RunSignUp, we want to do the same thing with our partners. Work together to have a great race!

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