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Open Registration API

In our last post we talked about Teamwork and the “Strength of the Pack”. The purpose of that post was to provide the context of why we are continuing to work on our Open API – a very technical topic.

In simple terms, an API is how two programs work together.  When we exchange participant or results information with timing systems like RunScore and Race Director it is done via an API.

Registration APIThe Open API, and our recent release of the Registration portion, is all about making it simple for others to work with us to make life better for race directors, timers and runners. With the pace of technology moving faster, no single company can cover everything a race needs. It is far more powerful to bring a team of best of breed solutions to bear. It also helps to avoid vendor lock-in, which keeps everyone on their toes and moving forward!

Mobile Race Registration
Mobile Race Registration

The Registration API allows other programs to use RunSignUp to process a registration. This means that new mobile app companies can create their own custom registration User Interface for a race. A company that focuses on Results today could add registration much more easily and take advantage of the RunSignUp back end services without having to replicate all of that.  Large timers could create their own mobile registration system. Large race businesses with multiple events across multiple cities with a need to create their own brand and leverage their own database of users could create their own Web and Mobile user experience that matches their brand. In essence, this takes the power of the Widget to the next level.

To help people get started, we have created two open source projects – an iPhone/iPad native app and a PHP web app. See an earlier blog on the Mobile App and see some screen shots below on the PHP web app.

White Label Registration via API

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