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RunSignUp Foundations

RunSignUp is a company that provides a set of web services for the endurance market. We have two differentiators - the fact that we know how to build really a good and open technology platform that makes our customer's lives better, and the foundations our company is built on. This blog usually talks about the first,... Continue Reading →

Pride and Motivation

Alan Jones and Roger Bradshaw, the founders of RunScore and The Race Director (the two leading scoring platforms that are used by timers at about 60-80% of races in the US), recently did a survey of their timers. They collected 62 responses from RunScore users and 109 from The Race Director users. Here is a direct... Continue Reading →

“The Strength of the Pack”

Our Bucknell Cross Country team had a saying that guided us: "The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack." I was thinking about my Coach this past weekend and how he had influenced my life. Running 100 mile weeks embedded the idea of consistent work over... Continue Reading →