Saved Credit Stats

Fast registration is something every race should strive for. One of the features we offer is for participants to save their credit card information securely. Here are the latest stats from January, 2017: 11.1% of participants save their credit card 10.3% of participants have registered this month with their previously saved card This is another […]

Becoming a Payment Facilitator

NOTE: We are now a Payment Facilitator. Over the next month, we will be moving to the next level of sophistication in our credit card processing and become an official Payment Facilitator¬†(sometimes called a Payment Service Provider). This will ensure we are meeting banking and VISA and Mastercard processing rules as being an authorized intermediary […]

Credit Card Validation Improvements

We recently updated our Credit Card Validation. ¬†This means if a runner enters an incorrect number of digits or they do not conform to the industry standard Luhn check, we can give them an error message quicker. One of the cool little tricks we added is to highlight which credit card is being entered based […]