Event Transfer for Wave Races

There are a lot of “Wave” races – color runs, mud runs, obstacle runs, etc. that have different levels of waves.  For example the Great American Mud Run has an Elite, competitive wave early in the morning that costs more than the non-competitive waves later in the day. RunSignUp has allowed Event-Event transfer for a long time, and we even do automatic price calculations between events.

This new feature allows races to set a specific price (including free) for transferring between different events.  In this example, we are allowing anyone from a non-competitive wave to move to the Competitive Wave for $50.00 in addition to whatever they paid before.  We are also allowing anyone in the Competitive Wave to move to a non-competitive Wave for free.  You can have any combination that you want.

This is yet another reason why more and more wave races are moving to RunSignUp for our industry leading marketing capabilities like Referral Competition, Coupon uploads for Groupon and Living Social, Integrated Adword and Analytics tracking, etc.

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