Cape Cod Marathon is the First Massachusetts Race to Deliver RaceJoy!

In its 38th year, the Cape Cod Marathon Weekend delivered an innovative race experience to race participants and their supporting fans with RaceJoy. Hosted by Falmouth Track Club, the race is put on by runners who know what runners truly want in a race experience. The race organizers provided RaceJoy’s full premium experience as a […]

New Race Financial Reports

We have done a major overhaul on our Financial Reports. The Summary page now gives a quick overview with 3 tabs to drill down on: Transactions – these are focused on the individual transactions that have been processed on behalf of your race. Payments – These are a list of all the payments that have […]

Cheers to Urban Bourbon Half Marathoners!

The Urban Bourbon Half Marathon this past weekend in Louisville, KY offered RaceJoy’s live phone tracking and cheer sending for a unique race experience. The race organizers provided RaceJoy’s live tracking and progress alerts as a complimentary service for its participants and spectators. Close to 1,000 people used RaceJoy for the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. […]

Timers use The Race Director for over 10 Million Finishers per Year

The Race Director, along with RunScore, are the two leading scoring software products used by timers to provide results to races. We recently did a survey of Timers who use The Race Director to learn more about how they use our product (we will be posting survey results on that website shortly). One of the […]

GetEvent to Transition Race Registration Customers to RunSignUp

Moorestown, NJ and Boulder, CO – PreRace dba will be helping existing race registration customers migrate to the RunSignUp platform. GetEvent is transitioning to a new business helping connect organizations buy and sell race events, and will be discontinuing their race registration system once customers are successfully transitioned by the end of the year. […]

Technology Market Critical Mass

This article from the WSJ on RackSpace partnering with Amazon AWS caught my (Bob) attention: Rackspace Hosting Inc., a seller of cloud-computing services, is teaming up with Inc. to make it easier for corporate customers to move computing operations from their own facilities to Amazon Web Services, the retailer’s cloud computing platform. RackSpace had […]

US Ski Association Membership Validation

As more and more ski races use RunSignUp, we have partnered with the US Ski Association to offer membership validation. Setup is simple just like the USA Triathlon and USATF membership checks: During registration, the participant will be asked for their membership number. We provide some guidance if there is not a format match as […]

Cape Cod Marathon Weekend Offers Innovative Race Experience

First Massachusetts Race to Provide RaceJoy Mobile Experience October 20, 2015 – Falmouth, MA – The Cape Cod Marathon Weekend, produced by the Falmouth Track Club, is offering RaceJoy, the road race industry’s leading GPS tracking app. The Cape Cod Marathon Weekend, to be held on October 24-25th, is the first race in Massachusetts to […]

USA Triathlon Site Issues

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN CLOSED. ALL SYSTEMS WORKING WELL. USA Triathlon is having intermittent issues with their infrastructure. For most USAT transactions this should not cause a problem because we batch transactions in the background. However, USAT Annual Members who are trying to enter their  membership ID may not be able to be validated. It […]

Kansas’s Prairie Fire Marathon Delivered Race Joy!

This past weekend at the Prairie Fire Marathon was the first race in Kansas to offer RaceJoy’s mobile experience. Thanks to race organizers and Fidelity Bank, people were treated to a very unique race experience that included all RaceJoy’s bells and whistles! From official race timed alerts to live phone tracking and cheers, the Prairie […]

Run The Bridge Uses Repeat Participant Report to Reach Runners

The Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge Event presented by AmeriHealth NJ (benefiting the Larc School) is coming up on it’s fourth year with registration on RunSignUp.  As Race Day nears, they were looking for some ways to remind runners to sign up. Using the Repeat Participant Report to view runners from previous years who have not […]

Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers Two Forms of Runner Tracking

The Queen Bee Half Marathon, a women’s half marathon located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offered two ways to track runners at their race this weekend, including official race-timed alerts in their mobile app and GPS live tracking with progress alerts in RaceJoy’s mobile app. Race organizers are the same organizers of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon […]

New York Times: Thanksgiving is a Day of Running

 Turkey Day is coming!  We’re not the only ones noticing how many races there are on Thanksgiving Day: the New York Times acknowledged that for hundreds of thousands, Thanksgiving is now a day of running: Turkey Trot Race Directors: There’s a nice little survey at the bottom of the article to find out what Thanksgiving races people […]

Email Marketing – Resubscribing Emails

We have added the ability to resubscribe recipients to emails at the race, partner and club levels. Occasionally, after a marketing or information email is sent out through the email marketing tools – recipients will accidentally unsubscribe their email from future race/partner/club emails. If this happens and the recipient requests to be “resubscribed” – this can be done under […]

Check-In Reporting Enhancements

We have made some very nice enhancements to our check-in app reports and downloads under Participants>>View Participants. The participant report now includes a “Checked-In” field. This field is automatically included in the all field download, but you can also customize your default report so the field will show on the main participant screen. We also added the option to […]

Repeat Participant Report – Enhancement

We have made a small enhancement to the Repeat Participant Report at the race level. When viewing the report, you now have the option to “Show previously registered participants not registered for this year.” This will populate a report of participants that have participated in previous years, but haven’t yet registered for this year’s event. This […]

Registrant and Member Only- Custom Sections

We have added the ability to create custom sections that can only be seen by current registrants or existing club members. This is a great feature that will allow you to post information, event and club details that can only be accessed after a registration or club membership is completed. This feature can be turned […]

RunSignUp Technology: Year-in-Review, Top Ten, and More

If you really want to dig more into RunSignUp as a company, and the top offerings that we have, check out Bob’s introduction from our 2015 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium.  The full video is below, or you can skip to the section that you are most interested in: Intro Year in Review Top Ten List […]

Re-Applying Discounts During Event Transfers

We have added the ability for race directors to allow discounts to be reapplied during the event transfer process in participant management. This can be turned on under Participants>>Participant Management>>Event Transfer>>Reapply Discount. Here are a few important things to note about this feature: During the event transfer process, the discount amount from the original registration […]

Maine Marathoners Use RaceJoy’s Advanced Tracking

This last weekend included the 24th year of the Maine Marathon race in Portland, Maine and many finishers took advantage of RaceJoy’s advanced GPS tracking.  With more than 800 people using RaceJoy on race day, we had nearly 200 phones live tracked while completing the race. Race participants and supporting spectators received real-time progress alerts at […]

Race Registration Company Valuations

Since we have been approached by several race registration companies to either partner or be acquired, I thought it would be worthwhile to write a blog about registration company valuation. This builds on our Race Registration Market Analysis and Future Trends in Race Registration. This is an important topic for companies in the registration business […]

Participant Cap Based Price Increases

We have introduced participant cap based pricing. This means that you can set pricing based on the number of participants who have signed up for your events. In the example below the price of $25 is good for the first 18 participants (CAUTION: This may not be exactly 18 for fast selling races. It can […]

Bib Exchange – Gift Registration Enhancements

We have made some enhancements to the way the Participant to Participant Transfers as a Gift settings work when team set-up fees or team member pricing is turned on for a race. (Note: The Participant to Participant Transfer for Refund settings are still same) When a race uses any special Team Pricing options (under Participants […]

Guaranteed Team Member Entry Options

We have added the capability to allow team members to register for an event that has reached capacity, when they are registering for the team’s “Default Event.” The Default Event is automatically set as the event the team captain is registered for. First, under Participants>>Groups/Teams>>Set-up>>Advanced Options enter the “Number of Guaranteed Team Entries.” This is […]

Donations and Fundraising from Aut2Run

One thing we frequently hear our Partners warn against is the creation of a Race/Run/Walk for fundraising without fully understanding the creativity and labor required to make such an event profitable. Fundraising events can be labor-intensive time vacuums, but they can also be hugely significant fundraising vehicles when done with the right mix of passion, logistics, and […]

Infrastructure Upgrades

We invest a lot in our behind-the-scenes infrastructure. We just completed a fairly major set of projects to improves our resiliency and fault tolerance. In addition, we upgraded the versions of the number of the components we use in our infrastructure. The two coolest things we did (for techies) is improved our SQS Queueing service […]

Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers RaceJoy’s Tracking for Free

Free GPS Phone Tracking, Alerts and Cheers October 2, 2015 – Cincinnati, OH – Race organizers of the Queen Bee Half Marathon, to be held on October 10, 2015, are providing participants and spectators an innovative tracking experience through RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product. RaceJoy is the industry’s leading GPS tracking solution that focuses exclusively on […]

Instagram Photos on Your Race Website

We have added a way to simply put either your Instagram #Hashtag feed or User feed photos right on your free RunSignUp Race Website. As shown on the right is shows the latest 12 photos and allows visitors to click on them and open them in Instagram individually. We do caching of these images for […]

Repeat Participant Reports

We have added a new report to show you the people who come back to your race. If you have multiple years of registration data in RunSignUp (remember you can upload previous years participant information even if this is your first year on RunSignUp), this will show you how many people have run your race […]