Run The Bridge Uses Repeat Participant Report to Reach Runners

The Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge Event presented by AmeriHealth NJ (benefiting the Larc School) is coming up on it’s fourth year with registration on RunSignUp.  As Race Day nears, they were looking for some ways to remind runners to sign up.

larcUsing the Repeat Participant Report to view runners from previous years who have not yet signed up for 2015, the Race Director was able to pinpoint nearly 9,000 runners who have raced the Bridge at some point since 2011, but have not yet registered for 2015.  They were then able to upload that list as a custom list in the Email Marketing system, and send an email targeting that specific group of potential participants.

They can now track response to their emailing effort by monitoring how much the report on previous participants not registered shrinks in the coming days.

The race has the benefit of having 4 years worth of data on RunSignUp…but if you’ve moved over more recently, you can always upload historical data to take advantage of the same tools.

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