Re-Applying Discounts During Event Transfers

We have added the ability for race directors to allow discounts to be reapplied during the event transfer process in participant management. This can be turned on under Participants>>Participant Management>>Event Transfer>>Reapply Discount.

Here are a few important things to note about this feature:

  • During the event transfer process, the discount amount from the original registration will be discounted on the new registration.
    • First example: registrant uses a $5 coupon code for his initial registration for the 5K. When completing an event transfer to the 10K, the $5 discount will be reapplied to the new registration.
    • Second example: registrant uses a 100% coupon code for a 5K valued at $30. When completing an event transfer to the 10K (valued at $45), the original $30 discount amount will carry over to the new registration (leaving an entry fee balance of $15)
  • If the original registration did have a discount, the participant cannot enter a new coupon code during the event transfer.
    • For the second example above, the participant would not be able to enter a secondary coupon code to discount the entry fee balance of $15.
  • The discount amount will be listed in the participant report, which will be separate from the main discount field. This is an easy way for you to track the discounts that were transferred over during event transfers.
  • If a discount was reapplied during an event transfer, it won’t be listed in the actual discount report (however, the original registration is in those reports to reflect the discount amount)


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