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Club Email MarketingWe (finally) have free emails for Clubs! This works the same way that Email for Races works. You can view the How To Video here.

We ask that you use the email responsibly for things like communicating with Club members and promoting races where you take registration on RunSignUp. The emails do cost us money, so we appreciate your consideration on this point.

EMail ListThe Email system allows you to conveniently send emails to everyone who is an active member of your club. The cool thing about this is it is up to the second. So when your email sends it sends to even the person who just signed up to be a club member without any effort on your part! In addition you can upload your own lists (like members who have expired memberships), as well as race lists that you have permission to use.

Your email is sent with your logo automatically put at the top of the email. You can also enter your own HTML if you want a fully formatted email.

You also have access to old emails for reuse and referral.

You can also schedule emails to send at a specific time. You can manage emails as Drafts so multiple people int he club who have responsibility for the emails can share the drafts and do editing (one at a time).

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