Instagram Photos on Your Race Website

Instagram Photo FeedWe have added a way to simply put either your Instagram #Hashtag feed or User feed photos right on your free RunSignUp Race Website.

As shown on the right is shows the latest 12 photos and allows visitors to click on them and open them in Instagram individually. We do caching of these images for 15 minutes, so if you upload images to Instagram it may take a bit of time to display on the feed.

You can set these up easily when you create your Custom Section or Page. Simply select either Instagram Username or #Hashtag and enter the username or Hashtag as shown below. Note that you can set up separate sections/pages for each.

Add Instagram Photo Feed

There are two ways to use Instagram for your race. If you select the Username, then you would have control over all the photos that you post on Instagram and showing. If you show the hashtag, then you could ask your runners to hashtag their photos and they would appear.

Stay tuned as we have a lot more fun photo projects coming in the next few months!

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