Email Marketing How To

We have a new How To on the Email Marketing system that is integrated into your Dashboard.  This How To covers:

– Setting Up Your SendGrid Account
– Managing Your Email Settings
– Sending Emails
– Managing Emails
– Managing Email Lists

4 thoughts on “Email Marketing How To

  • I can’t find anything anywhere to tell me what the blocked email list is and how/what to use it for.

    • Blocked emails can be blocked for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the user’s account has been blocked by their email provider – for example if they are over quota on storage or it has not been used for a long time. Sometimes an person will have a spam detector on their email and the email is thought to be spam. Sometimes a provider will shut down an IP address of a sender because of too much suspicious activity. There is unfortunately not a lot you can do to reduce or solve those.

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