Timers use The Race Director for over 10 Million Finishers per Year

The Race Director, along with RunScore, are the two leading scoring software products used by timers to provide results to races. We recently did a survey of Timers who use The Race Director to learn more about how they use our product (we will be posting survey results on that website shortly). One of the happy conclusions of that survey is that data indicates that timers provide over 10 Million finishers each year with their results from The Race Director.

The survey had 54 respondents tell how many races they had and how many participants they timed each year. Those results showed:

  • 802,000 Total participants
  • 377 Average Race Size
  • 55 Average Races per year per Timer
  • 20,815 Average Participants per year per Timer

We estimate a total number of 551 active Timers using The Race Director. The listing below shows the current version of The Race Director being used. For example 2016 is being used by 33 timers who have already upgraded to the new version. 2015 are people who either purchased a new license or renewed their support agreement (annual renewal is $75-600 depending on level of service) in 2015. 2014 are people who last renewed or purchased in 2014. We assume drop off in usage for those timers who do not renew their support contracts.

  • 2016 – 33 (100%) = 33
  • 2015 – 419 (100%) = 419
  • 2014 – 147 (50%) = 73
  • 2013 – 106 (25%) = 26

If we take the average of 20,815 times the 551 timers, that yields 11,469,065 estimated finishers.

Of course The Race Director is used with many types of races – mostly road races, but also triathlons, high school and college cross country, swimming, skiing, trail, obstacle, etc. We will refine our future surveys to try to capture more interesting data.

Of course this means Roger gets to brag he impacts the largest number of people in the endurance community of any of the RunSignUp businesses since the registration business will only be around 3 Million this year and the RaceJoy GPS Tracking business is still far less than a Million this year (but gets bragging rights about being the fastest growing).

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