Guaranteed Team Member Entry Options

We have added the capability to allow team members to register for an event that has reached capacity, when they are registering for the team’s “Default Event.” The Default Event is automatically set as the event the team captain is registered for.

First, under Participants>>Groups/Teams>>Set-up>>Advanced Options enter the “Number of Guaranteed Team Entries.” This is the number of spots guaranteed for each team, even when the event is full. (Note: Once the team has reached this number, additional members won’t be able to bypass the event capacity).

Team Guaranteed Entries

Second, enable the “Guaranteed Entry Restrictions” option. This will allow members to register for the Default Team event, if team space is still available.

Team Guaranteed Entry Restrictions

If an individual tries to register, they will see that the event is full and they won’t be able to select it:

Event Full

However, when a team member tries to join their team through the TEAM LINK or the TEAM TAB,

Team Page

They will be able to join the “Default Team Event” or any other open event:

Open to Team Members

This is a nice feature for races with wave starts and teams. It allows team members to register for the same event, while helping minimize the number of event transfers a race admin will need to make on the back-end of the system.

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