Bib Exchange – Gift Registration Enhancements

We have made some enhancements to the way the Participant to Participant Transfers as a Gift settings work when team set-up fees or team member pricing is turned on for a race. (Note: The Participant to Participant Transfer for Refund settings are still same) When a race uses any special Team Pricing options (under Participants […]

Guaranteed Team Member Entry Options

We have added the capability to allow team members to register for an event that has reached capacity, when they are registering for the team’s “Default Event.” The Default Event is automatically set as the event the team captain is registered for. First, under Participants>>Groups/Teams>>Set-up>>Advanced Options enter the “Number of Guaranteed Team Entries.” This is […]

Donations and Fundraising from Aut2Run

One thing we frequently hear our Partners warn against is the creation of a Race/Run/Walk for fundraising without fully understanding the creativity and labor required to make such an event profitable. Fundraising events can be labor-intensive time vacuums, but they can also be hugely significant fundraising vehicles when done with the right mix of passion, logistics, and […]