Live Leaderboards

Live Leaderboards allow you to set up kiosks or Internet connected TV’s to display live leaderboards. This allows runners to see results quickly and conveniently. For example (yes, that is our CTO who finished 9th):

Live Leaderboard

As soon as results are fed to RunSignUp, they are available to be displayed on the Live Leaderboard. If your Timer uses The Race Director integration, and selects auto-upload results, this will drive near real time updates to your displays as long as you have Internet connectivity. Since the new RunScore Results formats the data according to the specific listing file used by the timer for that specific race, we are not able to determine which data columns to show in the Leaderboard so it does not work unless you upload native results to the RunSignUp database.

There are three basic options for how to display. You can see these in the Results SetUp under RD Go in your race dashboard:

Leaderboard Options

The first example is Recent FinishersThis will show the most recently posted finishing times. It is ideal for setting up after the finish line so runners can see the times of the people who most recently finished as shown on the right.

The second example is As in the first example, 21 is the RaceID and 9850 is the Results ID that you can find when you go to look at those results. Leaderboad RangeIt will scroll thru all finishers. This is best for a small race where you want to show all finishers on a single big screen.

The Third example is showing a specific range – in this case places 100-199, which gets appended on the end of the URL. This is useful if you have multiple Monitors or Kiosks showing results by range.  So the first TV might have Places 1-99, the Second TV 100-199, etc.

Each monitor can be customized with the little gear at the top right of the page:

Customize Leaderboard

Make sure you coordinate with your timer if you want to enable this capability. It obviously requires a lot of equipment as well as Internet connectivity.

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