Team Roster Information Expanded

2a2db0e6-6573-11e6-8f58-bc428960a702Team Captains now have access to a report of group/team members, contact info and t-shirt sizes. Many team captains order their own team shirts in addition to the ones the race gives out. So, the captains need an easy way to pull this information.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.03.13 PM

This is accessible on the Group/Team page by clicking View Roster under Join Team.
Note that you have to be a race group administrator / director to view the personal information.

99ba26a2-6586-11e6-8f7f-65356ee2027cAdditionally, if the race group is linked to a fundraiser, it is accessible with a View Roster link on the My Fundraisers page in the user’s profile.


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