Tying Groups and Fundraising Teams together

Running Family GroupRunSignUp offers three different ways to group people together:

  • Groups/Teams – this is a generic grouping mechanism that allows for things as diverse as Triathlon relay teams to social groups of people to get together.
  • Corporate Teams – this is a powerful way to allow organizations to set up teams that they pay for and collect custom information on.
  • Fundraising Teams – a groups of people who collectively want to raise funds for charity.

Fundraising Teams can be set up simply when a person becomes a fundraiser.

Individual FundraiserIn addition, we now make it easy to make a Group/Team the same as the Fundraising team. This will automatically put everyone on the group also as part of the Fundraising team. It keeps the name the same and there are linkages between the generic group page and the fundraising page.

Create Fundraising TeamThis is simple for any group to do. As part of registering and creating the group for the first time, there is a question afterwards about whether you want to create a group fundraiser.

After this, as people join your group, and chose to be a fundraiser themselves, they will also be part of your Fundraising Team. They can then share the Fundraising Team page with their friends and family to help raise money for your team’s charity.

Fundraising Team Page

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