Race Calendar Widget Updates

The RunSignUp Race Calendar Widget is useful for Timers, Running Clubs and Running Stores who want to have a list of races in their area on their own websites. The example on the right is from Playmakers Running Store in Michigan. The calendar widget lists races. All you need to do is put a simple line […]

Running Club Daily Membership

We have added the capability to specify club memberships based on a number of days, in addition to months, yearly and a specific date range. This is useful for clubs and running stores who have training programs that last for 10 weeks, for example (actually that was the use case of the running store that […]

10,000+ Results for Spring Lake 5

The Spring Lake 5 Miler launched the Memorial Day weekend “Down the Shore” in New Jersey. Over 10,000 people participated in this race that has been held since 1977. Spring Lake and their timer, Elite Racing Systems, used the RunSignUp Results engine to help deliver results to participants. If you click on Results, it takes you […]

New Info on the Race Director Dashboard

We’ve updated the Race Dashboard to give Race Directors a handy summary of your race.  It’ll pop up automatically when you open your dashboard, and you can find it under the Race Info tab.  The Dashboard will give you instant access to: A current graphical report of all registrants in each event A table with new registrants for […]

Maine Track Club Case Study: Transitioning to RunSignUp

We are starting a new series of Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  At the RRCA Convention, we found our first willing case study, the Maine Track Club.  This Case Study focuses on the initial transition of a […]

Making Direct Payments to Your Charities

Many races would prefer for RunSignUp to make payments to the charities.  Races can now invite a Charity to manage this payment information when they set up each charity: An email invitation is sent.  It will need to be accepted, and any donations made before then will be sent to the race. Note the field […]

Tying Groups and Fundraising Teams together

RunSignUp offers three different ways to group people together: Groups/Teams – this is a generic grouping mechanism that allows for things as diverse as Triathlon relay teams to social groups of people to get together. Corporate Teams – this is a powerful way to allow organizations to set up teams that they pay for and […]

Waiving Race Fees for Fundraisers

Many races raise money for charity. One of the common practices is to offer free entry to runners who raise a minimum amount for the charity. Many large marathons like Boston, New York and Pittsburgh even reserve slots for charity fundraisers. The RunSignUp Fundraising 2.0 platform has been designed to address all of the aspects […]

Multiple Charities 2.0

With our new Donation and Fundraising system, we have given new features for supporting multiple charities. The first thing you will notice is how each charity gets their own “card”. Each card can have a logo and automatically lists the goals and amount raised in real time. Splitting Donations – One of the  coolest features […]

Donations and Fundraising 2.0

Overview We redesigned our Donation and Fundraising system based on the feedback from the thousands of races who use these features with our platform. Our goal was to meet the needs of our customers, make things more intuitive and easier to understand, and keep the flexibility that can let each race tune the system to […]