Sales Tax

SalesTaxWe see more and more races having to collet taxes on their races or add-on items. We provide a number of mechanisms for races to collect Sales Tax – either on add-on items, store items, or registration fees.

For Registration Fees, go to the Financial Tab and Extra Fees sub-tab.

Sales Tax

You can set any combination of Amount as a flat fee or Percentage. This will typically be a %. You can EXCLUDE items like Donations, Store Items and Add-On amounts. This allows races and jurisdictions to support two different rates for the registration fees and store items.

There are some cases where there is a specific dollar charge on a per registrant or per event basis. For example, we have had races at State Parks that collect a $5 fee per participant.

These extra fees are broken out in the financial reports so you can track them.

For Store Items, there is a slightly different mechanism on the Store Setup page:

Store Items Sales Tax

As noted, this support multiple charge types. This amount is automatically added to the cost of the store item.

Sales TaxAdd-ons can also have a tax applied to them. This is just listed in the total price for the add-on, so you will have to make note of this in the description of the add-on.

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