Tax Deductible Race Fees

Tax DeductionWhen a donor receives something of value in return for their donation, that value is typically subtracted from the value of the donation.

For example, if a race fee is $25 and the runner gets a shirt and other goods and services such as timing, then there may be $12 of value received. This means that $13 is a donation and can be claimed as tax deductible by the runner.

We have added a simple way to report donations to runners and donors when they are registering. This is done in the Donation Setup:

Tax Deduction

There are two sections. First, how much of pure donations are tax deductible. This is typically 100%, but there are races who simply ask for donations instead of entry fees.

The second section is the way to enter the value of the registration. In the above example if the 5K is a $25 entry, the value of goods received is $12, therefore it is a $13 donation. If the runner also donated $50, RunSignUp would auto-calculate the entire donation to be $50 + $13 = $63, and include that in the Thank You note to the runner/donor.

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