Donations and Fundraising 2.0


We redesigned our Donation and Fundraising system based on the feedback from the thousands of races who use these features with our platform. Our goal was to meet the needs of our customers, make things more intuitive and easier to understand, and keep the flexibility that can let each race tune the system to their unique

Crowdriseneeds. The primary features are:

  • Point and Click choice of RunSignUp, Crowdrise or FirstGiving as the platform of choice for fundraising. This provides the open, flexible choices customers depend on so they are not locked in to an “only RunSignUp” system.
  • Give more ease of use and power to Donors, Charities, FirstGivingFundraisers and Fundraising Teams.
  • Redesigned User Interface. You will see our UI evolve over the next 6 months, and this is the second step in that process (the first was the new home pages of the website). It is a clean, modern look that is of course Mobile Ready.
  • Simplified Donation Flow. Everything is on one page.
  • Cards Design. This is the new rage for UI design. We use cards to represent Suggested Donation Amounts, Fundraisers, Fundraising Teams, and Charities.
  • For Donors:
    • Donate during race registration or outside of race registration.
    • Simplified checkout for simple donations.
    • Simple Donor Levels.
    • Split donations between multiple Charities.
    • Support Fundraisers or Fundraising teams.
    • Send personal messages to the fundraiser.
  • For FundRaisers:
    • Fundraising Page with custom story, goal, goal tracking, custom URL, etc.
    • Social Sharing of Fundraising Page of Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc.
  • For FundRaising Teams:
  • For Charities:
  • For Race Directors:
    • Powerful Setup page to configure a wide variety of options.
    • Waive Race Fee for Fundraisers – Set Fundraising Minimums for Special Race Entry, with complete reporting and auto-email reminders and management of runners not meeting goal levels.
      • eg. Raise $250 and race fee waived.  Send an automatic email to everyone who has not raised $250 7 days before race – all configurable and customizable.
    • Let RunSignUp make payments to charities.
    • Invite Charities to create and manage their own Charity Page.
    • Set Tax Deductible Races Fees.
    • Enhanced reporting.

Now the details…

Donation PageSimple Donation Page
An example of a simple donation page is on the right. At the top is an explanation of the overall donations. On the top right is a new style “thermometer” that shows the progress toward meeting the goal (this is optional).

Donation levels that were set up by the race director, with the ability to enter their own amount.

“On Behalf of” can be Anonymous, the name of the donor, or on behalf of someone else.

If there are Fundraisers, the donor can select an individual or team.

Finally, there is a “card” on the Charity. By clicking on the top menu, donors can drill down into more detail on that charity.

Multiple CharitiesMultiple Charities
Race Directors can allow multiple charities. Each charity gets their own “card” for users to see overview information and to click and drill down for more information on the charity.

The charity page can be setup and managed by the Race Director or a Charity Manager. This allows a race supporting multiple charities to offload the details to the charity.

Fundraisers PageFundRaisers
Donors can select a specific Fundraiser or Fundraising team they wish to donate to.

Once they select a fundraiser, they go to that fundraiser’s page as seen below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.49.07 AM

Once a fundraiser is selected, the donation process if very quick. Note a fundraiser can select one charity (in this case, CASA as you can see at the top).

Fundraiser SetupBecoming a Fundraiser
Race Directors can allow people to become Fundraisers and create their own fundraising pages. The page on the right shows the setup page.

Fundraisers can name their own fundraiser (it could be their name or in the case on the right they are choosing to “Run For Bernard”). They set a goal, decide if they want to show a thermometer and scrolling list of donors. They can also select a specific charity the money will go to and create a custom URL.

Fundraising Teams
As part of creating a fundraiser, you can also create a fundraising team. A team has the same functionality as an individual fundraiser, but aggregates all donations made to the team and to individuals. We are making it very easy for races that have teams or groups in the race to also become a fundraising team very simply by clicking a button. This greatly expands the social nature of fundraising for your race.

We will be publishing more posts on the setup features for donations and fundraisers over the coming days. In the mean time, let us know if you have suggestions!

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