Multiple Charities 2.0

Multiple CharitiesWith our new Donation and Fundraising system, we have given new features for supporting multiple charities.

The first thing you will notice is how each charity gets their own “card”. Each card can have a logo and automatically lists the goals and amount raised in real time.

Splitting Donations – One of the  coolest features is the ability for a donor to split their donation between multiple charities. The system will automatically calculate the splits and totals. In the example below, a donor entered $100 as the amount they wished to donate. They selected the first charity, Girls on the Run in the screen shot above. Then when they clicked on “Select” for the CHAP charity, it automatically the $100 into equal parts.

Splitting Donations

And all of the cells are “active”.  So if you changed the amount fo CHAP to $25, the total adjusts to $75.

Donation splitting

Charity Pages – At the top is a tab that allows donors to see a list of the Top Charities. This allows donors to drill down into each charity for further information since each charity gets their own Charity page. The individual Charity page has specific information on the charity such as fundraising goal, how much has been raised, contact information and so forth.

How To Add a Charity

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