Waiver Updates

At the request of some races, we updated our Waiver process to allow Race Directors to require the digital signature of all registered participants – so a family signing up at the same time would have waivers signed by each member of the family individually.  You still have the option of a simple check-box to indicate acknowledgement of the Waiver, but if you see a lot of registrations for multiple participants, you may want to consider requiring separate signatures.

Choosing your Settings: To change the settings on your Waiver, go to the Registration
Tab in your Race Wizard. When you check the check-box under Advanced Waiver Options, you’ll be able to determine how specific you want the signature to be – individual check-boxes per registrant, of various combinations of Full Name or Initials, DOB, or Current Date for each registrant

Waiver Screenshot2

Runners View: When your runners sign the Waiver, it will require their information to exactly match their registration info.  We have their name shown, and an automatic pop-up to direct them if their entry does not match exactly.

Waiver Screenshot4

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