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Playmakers Race CalendarThe RunSignUp Race Calendar Widget is useful for Timers, Running Clubs and Running Stores who want to have a list of races in their area on their own websites. The example on the right is from Playmakers Running Store in Michigan.

The calendar widget lists races. All you need to do is put a simple line of javascript code on your website and you get a full, dynamically changing calendar!

Race SelectionDuring configuration of the widget, you select what races are included. For example, a Timer may want to show only races that are tied to her business.  A Running Club may want to show all races in a 50 mile radius or all races within a state.  A Running Store may want to show all the races in a 25 mile radius, but highlight the races that they sponsor.

Race SelectionThe widget has a variety of options for adding races. They can be pulled from the list already in RunSignUp as well as any races listed on Active.com (we use their affiliate Add Race Listingfeed of races to display them). In addition, there is a simple “Add a Race” widget – you can see an example on this running store website in new Jersey. This allows the calendar to be “self managed” – meaning any race director can post to your calendar (and there are not requirements to have races on RunSignUp).

Rolling Race CalendarThere are a variety of ways to display the races. The most typical choice is a “rolling calendar” that has the current month at the top of the page, but you can also start with January at the top as well.

You can show previous years races as well. This is useful for runners who want to know when a race is, even if it has not been renewed for this year. For example in February, someone might be researching races happening in September and would be able to see when a race was held last year. You can also exclude previous year races.

Claim RaceWhen a race is listed with the quick race listing widget or imported as a simple listing, you can enable race directors to Claim this race for further editing or enable online registration.

Race Calendar SearchThere are a variety of options for showing results, registration and distance in the race calendar. There is also a powerful and fast search capability.

So if your organization has a race calendar that you are tired of maintaining, or want to attract more visitors to your website with a race calendar, let us know and we would be happy to help! You can also benefit financially since you can apply for our Affiliate program and earn a revenue share on each registration that originates on your website!

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