Photos 2.0 Begins

We have a plan to overhaul our Free Photo Platform over the next 6 months. Some of the changes will be cosmetic and some on the infrastructure side so we can make the photos more available, more searchable and part of more applications.

We released the first phase yesterday, which were mostly cosmetic changes in how photos are shown. The main page now has a cleaner, more modern looking interface. The powerful search is still there, as well as quick links to tag photos. One of the nice changes was to rename “Locations” to “Albums”. This will help as we build up the back end capabilities of Albums with Personal Albums and Albums for nonprofit ticket events.

The next change you will notice is on the photo album page, where we have cleaned up the display. Note the clean look of mixing landscape and portrait mode. Also the Facebook share and download icons are not showing on each photo, and only appear when you hover over an image.

The next thing to notice is the cleaner look of individual photo views, this one showing an example fo a sponsor watermark:

The same powerful and quick search is available (although race websites with their own URL will have to wait until a later phase to make that work).

We have also cleaned up some of the dashboard pages, like this bib tagging page:

We have lots more planned over the coming months. We’ve had over 4,800 events upload over 4,000,000 photos. With the planned enhancements, we expect tens of millions more photos over the next couple of years. Here is a sneak peek at our plans:

  • Improved user experience for website views and photo interaction
  • Improved user experience on the photo dashboard
  • Integration of photos more tightly into results, nonprofit tickets, CRM and email
  • Personal Albums for users
  • Improved search
  • Improved automated bib tagging
  • Photo albums for nonprofit ticket events

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