Virtual Photos

As those that attended our Symposium last week found out, we released Photos 2.0. The really exciting part about this is it enables participants to upload their own photos. Perfect for Virtual Races and Challenges.

Participants get their own photo album and page where they can see their photos and upload more photos:

There is also an overall Participant Upload page under the main Photos page:

Note: Each photo can be quickly shared on Facebook or downloaded.

Participants can get to their photo page from the overall Photos page on the website and searching for their name:

Or they can get to it from their Results page:

Uploading photos is very easy. Here are some screen shots from an iPhone:

Participants will just see the upload link before they upload photos, and then a collage after the photos are uploaded:

There are a lot more changes coming in Photos 2.0 over the next several months. The user experience will be improved and greater visibility for adding photos (for challenges as well at an activity level), as well as clearer display of participant albums will be coming. Participants will be able to eventually park their albums as private and there will be facilities to flag inappropriate images.

Bob did a demo at the Symposium that starts at the 15:42 point in this video:

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