SmugMug Photo Integration

RaceDay Photos is now tightly integrated with SmugMug. This makes it simple for photographers who regularly use SmugMug to easily import their photos into RaceDay Photos and make them available as part of the integrated RaceDay Results and Race Website.

This is an overview of the RaceDay Photo architecture and capabilities. Not all capabilities are available as of the date of this blog post (Crowdsource and Turk tagging, automated TXT and Email, Social Sharing and Payment/ordering options).

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.23.04 PM

As the diagram above shows, photos can be uploaded directly and we are now adding SmugMug ingestion (we expect other integrations to come in the future). This means that photographers who use SmugMug as their primary photo platform can now simply point RaceDay Photos at the Albums you want to share on RaceDay Go and we will:

  • Upload all of the photos in a SmugMug Album to a Race Location in the RaceDay Photo system.
  • Transfer over any bib tagging automatically
  • Also use Google Vision to auto-tag bibs
  • Align bibs and clock time to RaceDay Results for simple searching on the Race Website and having photos and results together

SmugMug Albums
SmugMug allows photographers to create albums. Each album will likely align with a RaceDay Photo “Location”.  For example Start Line, 10K Split, Bike Transition, and Finish Line. Here is what a typical set of albums looks like in this example case with 2 albums – “Ryans Photos” and “Annie Start”:

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.39.01 PM.png

In RaceDay Go, when you click Upload, you will pick the Year and then a Location:


If you need to add a Location, click on “Other Location” and name it:


Then you will click on the “SmugMug” button under the upload:

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.51.00 PM.png

This will bring up your SmugMug login. If you are logged in already in another browser, you will see a simple “Authorize” button, otherwise you will see a normal SmugMug login. Once you do this, you will be authorizing RaceDay Photos to download your photos and we will remember this via a secure mechanism called Oauth. You can revoke this privilege at any time in your SmugMug account settings.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.51.20 PM.png

Once you are authorized, you will see your albums in the RaceDay Photos interface:

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.52.05 PM.png

Click the album you want to be imported. You will see a message that the import was initialized.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.52.22 PM.png

Then you can go into the Dashboard “View” page, click Search and pick the appropriate Location:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.50.59 PM.png

You should see the photos begin to be processed below. Note this will take some time to do the import and then to process the photos to get bibs assigned by Google Vision. You will see something like:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.05.48 PM.png

Note the bib numbers on the right were actually imported from SmugMug (they had been keywords associated with the photo). Our Google Vision bib scan is smart enough not to duplicate numbers.

Now runners and spectators can start looking for the photos either via RaceDay Results or in the various views available on their race website:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.24.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.27.48 PM.png

The process can be repeated for any number of locations or photos. Please see other blogs on Photo features as we are rapidly iterating on the functionality –


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