New Club Imports – Emailing Family Members

When clubs move over to RunSignUp, they can import their members, including multi-person or family memberships. When new members are imported into RunSignUp, they need to “Claim” their account – so that it is matched up with a real userID in the system. Imported multi-person memberships now get set up as sub-accounts of the primary […]

RaceJoy Transitioning to “Free Only” Experience for Participants and Spectators

RunSignUp is changing RaceJoy’s business model to offer a “free only” experience for participants and spectators. Previously, race events were able to either purchase the buyout option or choose a consumer model where the participant and spectator paid an in-app upgrade fee of 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. Key user features include continuous live tracking, […]

Event Transfers After Registration Closed

By default, when a person to person transfer is completed, RunSignUp will put the new registrant on the same team as the original registrant. This was causing an issue for transfers that were initiated after the team joining-end date had passed, even if the participant management cut-off date was in the future. We have updated […]

Google Tag Manager Support

We have added Google Tag Manager support to our long list of ad a analytic tracking mechanisms. Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags any time with a few clicks, so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity, and is being used more frequently by race management companies who are fully utilizing web analytics.

Request a Refund Easier to Find

For races that have refunds enabled, we have now made it simpler for participants to find and self-serve themselves. On all RunSignUp Race Websites, we have the refund policy as a top level page (you can change this in the layout tool). If refunds are enabled, there is a nice big button to click. This […]

Participant Management Usage Statistics

Data is now recorded for the following participant management changes: Waiver Signed USAT Waiver Signed Refund Request Event Transfer Participant to Participant Refund Transfer Participant to Participant Gift Transfer Race Transfer Deferral Giveaway Update Addon Change Custom Question Change Corral Change Transfer Edit Races can find this report here: Partners can find the report here […]

Participant Count Pricing for Races

We already introduced pricing based on participant count on a per-event basis. For example the 5K is $5 for the first 25 people and $10 for the next 25 and then $25. We have expanded this to Race based as well. This aggregates the total number of people across all events. This is configured by […]

Custom Header on Confirmation Emails (and more)

We have added the capability to customize the header of the system emails, such as Confirmation Emails. For example: You can use your own race website banner by simply clicking the option: Or you can set the new banner in the Race > Notifications > Email Customization page. The banner must be at least 800 […]

New RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring System

We are very excited to share that our first version of RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system is now available for race organizers who offer RaceJoy’s live tracking! Organizers can track runners/cyclists and the race operations team live from a web console and have immediate access to information to help them manage race operations and respond […]

RunSignUp Webinar 301: RaceDay Photos

Next up in our Endurance Event Education Webinar Series: RaceDay Photos with RunSignUp founder Bob Bickel. Date: Wednesday, September 28th Time: 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST) The new, free RaceDay Photo Platform makes photos affordable for races of all sizes. Topics of the Webinar will include: Upload any number of photos, from any number of locations […]

Company Overview on Facebook Live Tuesday!

Twice a year, we get much of our team together for a sales meeting to talk about the previous 6 months and discuss the strategic direction of RunSignUp. Our fall 2016 meeting starts tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/20) in Richmond, VA! For the second time, we will use Facebook Live to share Bob Bickel’s opening review of the […]

Google Chrome Apps End of life – RunSignUp Chrome Check-In App Phase Out Plan

Google recently announced that they “will be removing support for packaged and hosted apps from Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux.” We will be removing the RunSignUp CheckIn Chrome App from the Chrome Store by the end of September, 2016. Note the web version of this app will continue to be available. The new RaceDay […]

SmugMug Photo Integration

RaceDay Photos is now tightly integrated with SmugMug. This makes it simple for photographers who regularly use SmugMug to easily import their photos into RaceDay Photos and make them available as part of the integrated RaceDay Results and Race Website. This is an overview of the RaceDay Photo architecture and capabilities. Not all capabilities are available […]

U.S. Registration Market Analysis – September 2016

We did the first Market Analysis last September, and a second one in March. We will continue to do this every 6 months and try to make it better with your feedback (so feel free to send suggestions or corrections to bob.bickel at We do this as part of our own internal market evaluation processes, […]

RaceJoy Releases Split Pace Alerts!

RaceJoy is rolling out split pace alerts for those using GPS-based progress alerts. RaceJoy’s progress alerts are typically issued at every mile for running and walking events and every five to 10 miles for cycling and longer distance events. The alerts include information like location, elapsed time, overall average pace, estimated finish time, and now, […]

Aligning Teams and Fundraising Teams

While some races want to have a separate definition for Teams and Fundraising Teams, there is also a need to align these so they are essentially the same. This has an advantage in that a team can be created or joined on the first step of registration rather than waiting until the Fundraising step. To […]