New RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring System


We are very excited to share that our first version of RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system is now available for race organizers who offer RaceJoy’s live tracking! Organizers can track runners/cyclists and the race operations team live from a web console and have immediate access to information to help them manage race operations and respond to race day conditions.


Organizers are able to see the exact location of its race operations team, including the lead and tail vehicle, and other key personnel. In addition, with a click of a button, organizers have a global view of participants out on the course, and access to the number of race participants who have passed certain milestones to better project the support needs on the course. Individual race participant progress information, including location, pace and estimated finish time is provided for every participant who uses RaceJoy.

Race organizers can also bring their race field to life for those who are on the race grounds by projecting the view of race participant’s traveling the course to a large screen display at the race site.

Soon to be released features include Off Course Alert System and Participant Replay. RaceJoy’s new Race Day Monitoring System is included with RaceJoy’s buyout option at no additional charge.

See the press release for more information…

2 thoughts on “New RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring System

  • Nice development! We’ve actually been doing something very similar for the past two years. We’ve placed bibs on our bike escorts and in all ambulances so that our Ops Team can track race progress with elite runners with one group and the Dispatch team can route the closest ambulance to the location of need on the course in real time. We’re excited to see how you’ve polished up our crude but effective experiment.

    Many thanks.

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