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Club API(Geek alert!) We have just released an extension to our Open API to include Club Membership access. This gives other software providers as well as advanced customers access to Club Membership information from their application.

For example, another registration provider could now offer a similar capability to our discount to club members. While some might find this crazy, we think things work best when they are open.

Another example might be giving access to Club Member information for a training program. In fact, an advanced customer is using the API for that. Their training program checks RunSignUp to see what level of membership they have. It also pulls over details asked during the membership joining process such as estimated 5K times, running experience, target race that are given to runners as they sign up for membership in a training program.

You can see the new API at the bottom of the API Methods page. This is “active documentation”, so you can actually try the API’s after you click on the method you are interested in. For example the Club Information method.

There are lots of potential use cases for this. Let us know if you think you have one and need some help.

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