Custom Results API – Notifications

We are expanding the Custom Results API to include a mechanism for providing notifications. The concept is that a list of participants can be uploaded to RunSignUp a week or two before a race and participants and their friends and families can then sign up for notifications. When race day comes, the timer will be able to post results via this API and their software to RunSignUp and we will take care of sending out all of the notifications. This fits with our expanding role of results capabilities and the ability for non-RunSignUp races to use our Results services.

This API can be used by technology partners who have scoring or timing systems that want to take advantage of RunSignUp Results capabilities and features like TXT and EMail notifications. The Custom Results API is an alternative to the Native API so there is more control over the look and feel of results, as well as the database structure.

The expanded API can be seen here – The new notification capability then allows the timer to upload a list of participants to RunSignUp and enable notifications. In particular:

The column_notification_placeholders array is optional. It maps a column to a placeholder in result notifications. If a segment has notification placeholders, a finish notification will be sent the first time a registration ID is seen. The registration IDs are specified through the row_registration_ids array. The registration ID for a row should not change after it is initially set.

RunSignUp will continue to keep our platform of web services open to make it easy for our technology partners to integrate and use our services to provide better solutions to the running marketplace.

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