Giveaway Syncing with The Race Director Software

The Race Director is software many timers use for scoring and timing races. One of the challenges is syncing information from RunSignUp to The Race Director where there are incompatible fields and data. Timers will usually keep very short codes for Giveaways rather than the long descriptions that RunSignUp allows.

The Race Director sync utility can do this translation for you. The Race Director just came out with additional tools for syncing.  Here is a description from Roger Bradshaw, the creator of The Race Director:

For all online registration interfaces, you can use the descriptive t-shirt size coming from the registration system as a backwards look-up into this cross reference to come up with the correct RD code.  Before this change, you would have had to update this cross reference with every choice you had at RSU before you began doing imports.


Now, when you use this setting in the import.  The import process will actually build the cross reference data in RD by assigning a temporary code to each size.


At the end of any import where a new t-shirt size is encountered you’ll get –


Followed by the cross reference screen where you will see the temporary codes. 


After you change the temporary codes, the cross referencing is set. 


You’ll only get a prompt in future download if there are new RSU Giveaway choices used.


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