Technology Partner Program

Technology Partners

Update 2020: This program is no longer available. Technology partners can still use our open API.

We have launched an enhanced Technology Partner Program. We have over a dozen applications that integrate with RunSignUp via our Open API. This new set of capabilities provides race directors and timers an even more integrated approach to using RunSignUp technology with their technology of choice. Our goal is to allow our customers to select best of breed solutions and have them work together seamlessly.

Tech Partner ConfigurationWe are providing three new integration points:

  • Race Director Dashboard Add-On – this allows a Race Director or Timer to add a Tech Partner’s solution to their race and configure custom parameters.
  • Runner Registration Path Add-On – this allows the Tech Partner to add a new page to the registration process so that a runner can provide any needed information or authorization. This also becomes visible in the Tabs in the Race Webpage RunSignUp creates for each race.
  • Payment Integration – this allows the Tech Partner to price their service either as an addition to the base Processing fee that RunSignUp charges or to price their service on a add-on basis.

Tech Partner ConfigurationConfiguration
RunSignUp will work with each technology partner to configure the integration. The page on the right is the admin page we use to configure each technology partner. Note that we provide mechanisms for determining your preferences and how it will display to the user. The configuration contains several key areas:

  • Basic information that will display to race directors and timers in the RunSignUp Race Dashboard.
  • Basic configuration lets you determine what will be seen in the registration form by the runner.
  • iFrame popup – this configures the iframe pop-up that your app will display during a runner’s registration.
  • Webhook – The Tech Partner can add a URL where information about each registration will be sent. This information will include the unique ID the tech partner sets for the registration if applicable. It will also include the registration IDs, user IDs, and event IDs for the registration.

Payment Options
Part of the webhook allows for pricing information to be set. RunSignUp will either add this to the processing fee or as a separate add-on. This gives the tech partner flexibility in pricing – so they can charge on a per transaction basis, a per registrant basis or on their own pricing menu of items the registrant has selected, such as a photo package or notifications.

Note that RunSignUp will not take any of the Tech Partner revenue (unlike the Apple store). There are two reasons.  First, to encourage tech partners to integrate with us and provide great solutions to our combined customers.  Second, we want to remain neutral. For example, we hope to have at least 4 options for Results posting and Notification tightly integrated with RunSignUp. We want customers to make the choice of what is best and not be influenced by us in any way.

Custom TabiFrame Flexibility
We provide a very simple and powerful way for tech partners to insert their own UI into the registration process. In this example on the right you can see 3 different iFrames inserted into a Tab. Note that we can customize the Tabs in the Race Page.

In summary, we are providing a powerful way for our tech partners to make their offerings available to the fast growing RunSignUp community. And more importantly, we are making the lives of race directors, timers and runners better with well integrated, best of breed, open solutions.

Please contact us if you want to be part of the beta or want more information.

Here is documentation – RunSignUp Technology Partner Documentation.

Here is a video that shows an example of what a Race Director and a Runner would see from a Technology Partner:

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