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Technology Partners

Update 2020: This program is no longer available. Technology partners can still use our open API.

We now have the Technology Partner capabilities running in Production.  Technology Partners need to contact us to be set up.

We are providing three new integration points for technology partners:

  • Race Director Dashboard Add-On – this allows a Race Director or Timer to add a Tech Partner’s solution to their race and configure custom parameters.
  • Runner Registration Path Add-On – this allows the Tech Partner to add a new page to the registration process so that a runner can provide any needed information or authorization. This also becomes visible in the Tabs in the Race Webpage RunSignUp creates for each race.
  • Payment Integration – this allows the Tech Partner to price their service either as an addition to the base Processing fee that RunSignUp charges or to price their service on a add-on basis.

Here is the documentation – RunSignUpTechnologyPartnerDocumentation_v20150226.

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