Registration Management Manual

Registration ManagementIn our continuing drive to have both video and written documentation of all features in RunSignUp, we have added the Registration Management Manual. This manual describes all of the things a runner or race director can do to manage the runner’s registration.

RunSignUp Manual Registration Management

It includes:

  • How to View/Edit a Registration
  • How to Resend the Confirmation Email
  • How to Request a Refund
  • How to Transfer to Another Event
  • How to Transfer to Another Runner
  • How to Defer a Registration
  • How to Edit Giveaway Information
  • How to Edit Add-On Information
  • How to Set Up a Fundraiser
  • How to View/Edit a Fundraiser
  • How to Create/Join a Fundraising Team
  • How to View/Edit a Fundraising Team
  • How to View Donations
  • How to Add/Edit Manual Donations
  • How to Create/Join a Competitive Team
  • How to Edit a Competitive Team
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