SSL and Widgets

SSL WarningIf you are running a widget on your website, we strongly suggest that you make sure your site has an SSL certificate and the pages with RunSignUp widgets are format – with the “s” after “http”.

In fact, even sites that do not have ssl certificates are safe since the RunSignUp widget uses SSL and the data being transferred from a runner’s registration widget in their browser is being transferred with TLS (the newer form of SSL) and is encrypted.

SSL WarningThe reason to have your site use SSL is two fold:

  • It is a good practice. All websites should use SSL.
  • Some browsers will show Error and Caution messages like the one above or to the right. Even though it is secure, they will think it is not.

You can get an SSL certificate from many different vendors (Google “buy ssl” and you will see plenty of ads!). GoDaddy is a well known one and has good information on their SSL Page – It typically costs less than $60 per year and will require you to make some webserver configuration changes described on the GoDaddy pages as well as your webhost. There is a new low cost SSL certificate authority that will be coming out in  mid-2015 that some in the tech community are excited about –

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