23 Releases and Updating 40 servers – All in a Days Work

This is Bob. We will be releasing several year end blogs over the coming weeks. A couple of them will be an overview of the features we released and another for our 2021 product roadmap. But I thought yesterday was worth mentioning.

Each morning, I get an email that sends me to a page to review all of the deployments and changes that happened to the system the day before – part of PCI audit requirements. This is usually about a half dozen releases in a typical day. Many of them small like updating the DevExpress library that draws all the pretty charts, or adding a column to a donation report.

This morning had 23 deployments yesterday. That means we updated the entire system 23 times – each of them a small improvement. But collectively they add up over time.

Not only that, but yesterday was also the day we do server updates. We do them monthly to include all of the security patches that are released regularly for Linux, Apache and other parts of our system. That typically includes doing an update and a reboot of many of the 40+ systems we run on Amazon AWS.

I will write more about this in our year end blogs, but I can’t begin to tell you the pride I feel in working with a team that has continually kept their eye on the ball. Working each and every day to improve our system and make our customers happy.

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