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Bib ValidationWe have added Bib Validation. You can set up ranges of bibs that are valid for each event. This prevents handing out the wrong bib to the wrong person, and also helps with issues around runners moving from one event (5K) to another (10K). This is used in conjunction with the RunSignUp Go Race Day Check In features.

On the Check-In Report, it checks the bib and does not allow a bib if outside the range.

Check-In Bib ValidationIf it sees an event that the bib fits into, it suggests switching to that.  If the user selects “Yes”, it takes them to the event transfer page with the event pre-filled.  Once submitted, the user is instructed to close that window and they can simply resubmit the initial popup to save the bib.

Thanks to Aaron Ford of Ford Timing for the suggestion/request.  He has a Turkey Trot that he plans on registering about 1,000 people on race day morning with about 10-15 Chromebooks.  He was concerned about all the volunteers who will be using the check-in software for the first time and making sure they had out the right bib to the right runner. This helps make sure if a 1 Mile Fun Run person gets a 5K bib by mistake, the volunteer sees the problem immediately and corrects it before the race!

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