2017 Availability Report

redundancyKnock on wood, but it has been another great year for RunSignUp availability, hitting a perfect 100% for the second year in a row!

As we covered in February when a major outage for many sites on the Internet like Slack, Trello and Venmo, RunSignUp’s advanced infrastructure was able to weather the storm. And having a technology stack like this is not simple. We make continuous improvements in our site, and make a monthly upgrade to all systems to assure we have the latest security patches. In addition, new systems we build use the latest technology to make sure we are delivering a reliable and stable environment to our many users.

That 100% Uptime was achieved even with 1,590 new deployments of our system. Yes, we upgrade our system many times each day and users never know or feel the difference!

And we have a lot of people depending on us. Here are some of the stats for 2017 (12/20/16-12/19/17):

  • 14,997 Races used us for Registration
  • $169,503,729 of transactions
  • 4,129,975 Registrations
  • 312,725 Donations
  • 283,882 Add-Ons purchased
  • 461,403 Coupons used (with an average ROI of 310%)
  • 6% of Registrations from RunSignUp Referral Rewards Program
  • 95,727 Registrations from RunSignUp Affiliate Network like RunningintheUSA.com
  • 114 Million Emails sent
  • 641,794 Check-Ins with our App
  • 905,407 Photos Uploaded
  • 1,142,869 Result TXT Notifications
  • Over 200,000 Users of RaceJoy
  • 2,300,619 RaceJoy Progress Alerts
  • 281,229 Cheers Sent with RaceJoy
  • Over 8,000,000 finishers get results compiled by The Race Director

This chart is a nice summary we get out of one of our monitoring tools, New Relic.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.27.09 PM

In addition, it shows that our average page load time was 2.74 seconds. It is important to note that includes all of the mobile traffic – 62% – where connection times and network delays are most of the cause of response time. For fast networks on fast computers, the page load average time is under 1 second on average.

The other interesting stat here is the number of page views, as well as the number of times the application servers are hit. The peak was 14.7 Million page views in November, and those generated over 61 Million Application Server requests (for example a page might make multiple calls to the server to get different pieces of data).

One of the things we monitor in addition to the availability and page load times, is how do we scale. This chart shows the actual time to serve requests even under heavy load. The points to the right show over 1,000 requests per minute when the server is very busy like at a race opening or when people are finished their Turkey Trots and want to see their times. As the chart shows, we scale linearly with all requests being about 35 millisecond despite light or heavy load:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.29.46 PM

At this time of year, we are reminded how grateful we are to our amazing technology team at RunSignUp. Providing great features in a highly reliable fashion.

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