Participant Reports in a Disaster

One of the early disaster recovery mechanisms we built into RunSignUp is saving a full list of your participants in a CSV file once a day starting the week before your race. We send race directors an email link when this is first created each year. In the event RunSignUp is not available (knock on wood, we had zero downtime last year and only 8 minutes of planned downtime total in 2015), you can click this link to get access to your participant information.

We have added a link to this in the RunSignUp dashboard, which is useful in case you misplace your email and want to practice your own disaster recovery procedures. The report can be found from the bottom of Reports > Participants > Summary:


If you check more than 7 days prior to your race, there will be no file:

If you check 7 or less days before your race, you will see a link:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.32.54 AM.png

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