2019 Availability & Infrastructure Report

Knock on wood, but this is our 4th year in a row with 100% uptime.

As we have covered in the past, we view the core of our company is building reliable transaction processing that allows races and nonprofits to collect money. This year we will process $270 Million – allowing participants, attendees and donors to use their credit cards, and moving that money to races and nonprofits.

We have invested a lot of time, effort, expertise and system resources to have reliable infrastructure. Our real secret sauce technically is being able to continuously improve our applications (we had over 1,500 releases of our software happen this year that has zero impact on users except improving things), as well as upgrade our infrastructure.

We run over 40 servers and many services on the Amazon AWS Cloud. It is designed to be cross availability zone and region that has held up even during down times that some applications have had on AWS. We also do monthly updates to all of those servers to ensure they have the latest security patches.

This year we did a major infrastructure upgrade. We have now improved our end user average response time from 2.7 seconds in 2017 to under 2 seconds. The speed of our site helps our customers serve their supporters better.

Technology requires maintenance and improvement. RunSignup is fortunate to have the support of so many customers that we have the scale to be able to afford having a reliable, continuously improving system.

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