2015 Availability Report

redundancyPerhaps tempting fate writing this 2 weeks before the end of the year…

We had 8 minutes of total down time in 2015. That is 99.998% uptime.

The good news is that all 8 minutes were planned downtime for required system upgrades and we were able to notify users and not miss transactions:

We had minor partial outages that were automatically recovered and had no loss of transactions and only minor performance impact for some users.

We also had some impressive openings, such as the Boilermaker, Murfreesboro, Spring Lake and Bayshore which was doing over 1,000 registrations per minute on our normal infrastructure with sub-second response time. Check out the video on Facebook of our Real Time Map at the opening:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.13.50 AM

We made some nice progress in our infrastructure for availability and disaster recovery this year in terms of implementing some extended availability features to our already robust infrastructure we reviewed in July. These features included more and better automatic backup mechanisms for our queues.

We have also started setting up infrastructure in the AWS Oregon data center to provide increased availability and disaster recovery that we will complete in 2016.

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