Sponsor Rewards and Gift Certificates

Some race sponsors want a way to distribute special gift certificates or rewards. We recently had a race in Colorado that is closely linked with a store that is giving gift certificates to the first 50 participants in each event. The purpose is to increase store traffic and drive early registrations. RunSignUp now provides a mechanism to […]

Posting Preliminary Results from Race Director

Timers who use The Race Director can now easily post “preliminary” and “Final” results on RunSignUp. This allows runners to see results as soon as possible, but makes sure everyone knows that they are preliminary. When posting, just remember to click the checkbox on or off depending on what you will need. This is available […]

Create User and Race API Extensions

Warning: This is for developers. We have extended our OpenAPI to allow for Race and User Creation and editing. This API is being used by a couple of advanced users who have their own applications that have a need for creating races and users outside of the RunSignUp user interface. This is a powerful capability […]

RunSignUp June Newsletter

Learning from Our RunSignUp Users Why should you come to the RunSignUp Users Conference – LEARN! All timers and race directors face common issues. We hear comments like these all the time: I am frustrated by communications breakdowns and confused by the division of labor between Timers and Race Directors. I am disappointed by my […]

The Race Director Integration Training Videos

Roger Bradshaw, the creator of The Race Director, has kindly created a couple of videos that demonstrate how to do the integration between RunSignUp and The Race Director. You can also see written instructions here. Basic Integration – transferring and syncing Participant information and Results Triathlons and Team Relays

Hy-Tek Participant Import Improvements

We have had the ability to export participant information to the (unusual) Hy-Tek format for a couple of years. Recently, we had two different timers approach us and ask for improvements. Thanks to Brian Sparacino for giving up the information at the bottom of this post for matching of I Record and D Record information […]

Race Series Scoring Detailed Walk Though

Here is a detailed walk through on the race Series Scoring with full size screen shots and descriptions as well as a video. Click here for Race Series Overview. (As a warning, once this is setup and you upload results, it will do the matching and series scoring very quickly as if by magic.) Public […]

Columbus Running Company Case Study

We are starting a new series of Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  A This Columbus Running Company Case Study focuses on a Bib Assignment & Pickup at multiple locations, experimenting with new options, and taking advantage of […]

Updates to Donations & Fundraising

Our new Donation and Fundraising system has been out for over a month, and we have gotten some great feedback.  And by great, I mean suggestions for how to improve things even more!  So we released an update today to the process people go thru.  It reduces the complexity for runners during registration who want […]

New Race Director Dashboard coming…

Hopefully in the next month or so, you will begin to see some major improvements in the Race Director Dashboard.  This project will be released incrementally over probably a 6 month period of time. The initial release will bring 2 major changes to the Dashboard: New Look and Feel. The goal is to implement a […]

Embracing Change and the Rise of Technology

A recent article talks about how Harvard is becoming the Stanford of the East. This relates to Stanford’s embrace of the rise of technology and the cultural acceptance of a high rate of change. I think this relates very well to both RunSignUp and to the many races and timers in our community. The fact […]