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Series ScoringWe have worked with the Jersey Shore Grand Prix and others to create a very powerful Series Scoring capability in RunSignUp.  Here is a link to the video and a fuller explanation.

Series Scoring allows race directors and timers to put together their own point system for scoring a series of races.

Total PointsFor example, the Jersey Shore Grand Prix offers prizes for the Male and Female leaders in overall points across 5 races. Runners get 100 points for first place in race, 99 for second, on down to 1 point for 100’th place. So the winner for 4 races who missed the 5th race would have 400 points, while the person who finished 2nd in all 5 races would have 495 points and be the overall winner.

Series ScoringRunSignUp Series Scoring has a number of powerful features:

  • Score on any or all combinations of Gender, Age, Custom (like Clydesdale/Athena or Military), and Overall.
  • Easy Import of RunSignUp Results that have been synced with RunScore or the Race Director – two of the common programs used by timers.
  • Easy Import via CSV, with custom column matching
  • Auto MatchingAuto-Matching of runners
    • If you are using RunSignUp for registration and posting results (many timers make this easy with our integration with The Race Director or RunScore), then runners will be matched on their User ID or Registration ID automatically.
    • If you are importing participants via CSV (or where the ID’s above don’t match), there are a variety of ways to match runners – User or Registration ID, Custom Field you define to match, or on exact Name and Date of Birth.
  • Semi-Automated MatchSemi-Automated Matching
    • We will also look for matches that seem close – for example the name is close, the age is off by only a year and there is no Date of Birth, the name is the same, but the cities do not match (like on the right). We will show you potential matches and then leave it to you to say whether to match them and which data to keep.
  • Manual MatchManual Match
    • There is also a manual match.
  • Participant Search and Report
  • Series Participant SearchParticipant Edit – This will edit the information only for the Race Series. You can edit the personal information and it will not change the information in each race – this gives you flexibility to address merges in a flexible way. You can also edit the points in each race – again, this does not change other points to other individuals and just provides flexibility in addressing special situations.

Series Participant Editing


Given the complexity of Series Scoring, and the power of the solution we have developed, let us know how we can help assist you with setting up your race series. Compared to trying to merge Excel spreadsheet files, you will love it!

6 thoughts on “Series Scoring

  • After you load a set of results for a race series and are directed to the Participants > Matching page, the link that says upload your results in the sections that includes:
    Results Uploaded Successfully!
    Your results uploaded successfully in 0.042 seconds. You should match participants to ensure accurate results. If you have other event results, upload your results.

    That link is not set up correctly. I appear to have Race Series number 5 (Final Kick) and the upload your results link on that page directs me to Race Series number 4 (Andrews Test Series) which I obviously don’t have control of nor would it make any sense to upload results to. I’ve got a screen shot if that isn’t enough info for you to track down where I’m talking about.

    That glitch aside, I’m kind of excited to be one of the first to be playing with this new tool. I’ve got 9 races and I was kind of sick of manually matching and tracking everything in a google spreadsheet.

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