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Learning from Our RunSignUp Users

learnWhy should you come to the RunSignUp Users Conference – LEARN!

All timers and race directors face common issues. We hear comments like these all the time:

  • I am frustrated by communications breakdowns and confused by the division of labor between Timers and Race Directors.
  • I am disappointed by my race turnout, and unsure how to reach a broader audience.
  • I am curious about results notifications, registration kiosks, or other Race Day technology solutions…but gun-shy about testing them on the big stage. 
  • I am overwhelmed by the enormity of my event, and intimidated by the infinite steps in the process.
  • I wish I had a network of like-minded people: runners, race directors, timers, and running software professionals to share personal and professional experiences.

Remarks like that are the reason we are hosting our first User Conference July 18-19th. We want to provide a forum for all of you to learn from each other.  

Presenters Address User Concerns  

  • Todd Henderlong of T&H Timing, with over 10 years of experience working with various Race Directors, shares his advice on working effectively as a team.   
  • Kelly Stewart of the NC Troopers Footchase 5k reveals some of the creative marketing he used to grow his race from 69 runners to 366, while Cornelia Stumpf of the Critz Tybee RunFest discusses turning an standard race into a full-blown community event.
  • Aaron Ford of Ford Timing has tested out RunSignUp Go features for you, and is ready to disclose the results of his trial.
  • Terry Lewis of RS Racing Systems and the Ohio Challenge Series  has been replicating preparation processes for Race Directors across a race series for years; he brings that Race Logistics breakdown to share with you.

James & Michelle Bettis of 3W Races, Michele Langevin of the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk, and Roger Bradshaw of The Race Director will also be presenting, and various other accomplished industry professionals will be in attendance.

What we are most excited for is the free exchange of ideas that happens when you get a lot of really passionate people in the same place, and encourage questions and discourse throughout the weekend. 

SignUp before the price increases on 7/1, or check out the full agenda for more details.

Race Scoring: Notes on What We’ve Learned From You

We have documented our new Series Scoring System in great detail on our blog, but wanted to mention it briefly because it is a perfect example of how invaluable the experience of our customers is to us at RunSignUp.  Through communications with race series’ like the Jersey Shore Golden Grand Prix, we were able to understand the complexity of Race Series Scoring, and build a better system to reduce labor and improve accuracy. Thank you, for always teaching us what we can do to be better! 

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