Updates to Donations & Fundraising

Our new Donation and Fundraising system has been out for over a month, and we have gotten some great feedback.  And by great, I mean suggestions for how to improve things even more!  So we released an update today to the process people go thru.  It reduces the complexity for runners during registration who want to make donations or become fundraisers.

The first things you will notice is that we now break them apart rather than cram them into the same page.  You can go straight to becoming a Fundraiser or make a donation:


If you make a donation on this page, then you will be flipped to the Fundraising section to see if you want to become a fundraiser.  Note how everything is minimized until you make a decision and then it will dynamically expand (cool Javascript tricks, especially to make it somewhat compatible going all the way back to Internet Explorer 7!).


Donate Tab TextThere were a number of other small improvements.  For example, during Setup, you can now change the name of the “Donate” Tab to anything that makes sense for your race.

We also added the capability to have the donor pay the processing fee at their option. This would be used if you normally take the processing fee out of the donation, but you give the donor the ability to pay it. This is under the Payment Options under the Financial section and Wizard – the bottom two options in this screen shot below.

Payment Options


As always, thanks for the recommendations!

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