New Race Director Dashboard coming…

Race Director Dashboard RedesignHopefully in the next month or so, you will begin to see some major improvements in the Race Director Dashboard.  This project will be released incrementally over probably a 6 month period of time.

The initial release will bring 2 major changes to the Dashboard:

  • New Look and Feel. The goal is to implement a modern easy to use design that will allow for easier navigation and incremental improvements. The big change will be the Tabs switch from the top to the side, with better mobile readiness.
  • New Tab Structure. This means that many of the Tabs and Sub-Tabs will be reorganized to be easier to find.

Over the past couple of years, we have focused on bringing new functionality to our customers quickly. Now is a time for us to go back and refresh the usability and design of that.

The next phases will include a complete restructure of how Reporting looks and works that will be implemented across all of the pages that have reports on them, whether Participant or Financial or Results.  After that, we will incrementally redesign each of the 90 pages of functionality to improve their ease of use and functionality. The other major project we will be implementing is a more flexible “Role Based Access Control”, which will mean users will be able to incrementally turn on and off pages and functionality for themselves (to make the system easier or more complete) and for other users that help them (for example volunteers checking in runners before a race).

Here is an early view of the design, followed by a large spreadsheet that shows the initial new menu heirarchy.

New Race Director Dashboard

New Race Director Dashboard Page Heirarchy

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