August 2014 Newsletter



Between the release of our new Race Director Dashboard and our first Race Director/Timer Symposium, the last month surrounded us with creativity and customer feedback.

We have a few cool new features that are simple to set up, but will really set your race apart for your Runners and Sponsors, and save valuable time as a Race Director:

Adding Value for Your Runners:

Video ResultsSet up a video camera at the finish line (or split points), upload the video to Youtube, and you can include a video link in your RunSignUp results that will automatically snap to the time that the runner can expect to find themselves in the video.  Early feedback on this feature is that runners have loved the unexpected feature.

Basno Electronic BadgesWe have partnered with Basno to make it easy for Race Directors to create a digital badges that allow runners to share their accomplishments and encourage friends to participate. There are 3 levels of capability with Basno, from free Basic use to a more robust Premium account.

Adding Value for Your Sponsors:

Reporting 2.0: Released with the new Race Director Dashboard, Reporting 2.0 allows for search by participant or year, a fully customizable view of report fields, and export options for CSV, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and more. Reports can be useful to you, the Race Director, but beyond that they can be a simple tool to help demonstrate value to your Sponsors.

Event Specific NotificationsCustomize the specific message on the Confirmation Email sent to Runners, based on the event they register for.  This is another feature that you can use as a selling point for Sponsors: if you attract separate Sponsors for separate events, you can effectively highlight the Sponsor for that event in your Confirmation email to Runners.

Race Director Timesavers:


Time Zone Change: We can now support Time Zones, eliminating time calculation adjustments for Race Directors outside the Easter Time Zone.

Giveaway Inventories: Two new features around Giveaway inventories allow for Race Directors to set an inventory on Giveaway items that they have a set quantity of (great way to use leftover Giveaways from previous races as limited-quantity swag for another race!), as well as providing a tool for estimating the number of Giveaways (per size) that should be needed (based on numbers from previous years).

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Reporting 2.0
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Import Data Mapping
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Secure Access and Menu Customization

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