Badges for Race Participants

NYC Marathon BadgeRunners have expressed a strong interest in electronic Badges to share with their friends. The Boston and New York Marathons have worked with Basno this year to award and distribute thousands of badges that make runners happy and raise the social visibility of their races on Facebook and other platforms.

RunSignUp and Basno have now partnered to make this simple for any race to offer to their runners.

BasnoBasno offers race directors a simple way to create a digital badge like the one above from the NYC Marathon. Once the badge is created, the race director can allow runners who have signed up for their race to post the badge on Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social channels. See more about using badges for races.

Basno offers 3 levels of capability:

  • Basic – This is available for free and includes your own custom race badge that you design and manual uploading of participants to invite. You can easily export and list from RunSignUp and upload it to the Basno system.
  • Pro – This gives you help with your custom designed badge, as well as access to analytics information on badge sharing and impact.
  • Premium – With this option, you get a number of additional benefits.  For RunSignUp Race Directors, the biggest advantage is the ability to automatically send the badge invitation to runners as they register, without any CSV uploads. Instructions for setting up automatic badge invitations are here.

Basno is offering a special $50 saving to RunSignUp Race Directors for the Pro and Premium offerings if you register here. If you sign up for the Premium package, send us an email so we can configure the auto-updates appropriately for your race(s).

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