Giveaway Inventories

Giveaway PlannerRace Directors can now set inventory levels on Giveaway items. In addition, we have introduced a Giveaway planning tool.

The planning tool, shown on the right, shows the previous year’s total giveaways in graph and table form. The table shows % growth or decline each year.

The projection tool autofills last year’s totals by size. You can then set a % growth rate and it will auto-calculate by size what you need.

Event GiveawayTo set inventories, we have a Simple and Advanced way of setting the inventories. Once the inventories are set, we will take care of notifying runners when the Small T-Shirts have been depleted so they can chose a Medium.

Giveaway InventoryThe first step shown above and to the right in the Simple Setup is to select an event (or all events if you are using the same T-Shirt across all events). The second step is to pick which sizes you want to set a quantity for. You can set an inventory for any single size (we will have 300 Small’s, 500 Mediums, 400 Large, etc.) or you can set an inventory for all of them (We will have 1,000 shirts regardless of size and after that we are out).

The advanced setting allows you to create inventories by mixing and matching in any order of Event or Size. For example, if you wanted to have two events that shared a shirt and one event that had it’s own shirt. In the example below, you can see how the 8K and the Relay have the same shirt and have a max of 200 Small’s. While the One Mile Fun Run has a different shirt with a quantity of 50 Small’s available.

Advanced Giveaway Setup

Here is a quick video overview:

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